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How to get here

We recommend bringing your own vehicle for convenience, as we are about 1.5 km from the main road and taxis are not readily available.

If bringing your own vehicle is not feasible, here are your options:

Car Rental: Available from the airport or Bangkok.

  1. Private Van:

  • 10-seater with driver

  • Charges: 3,300-3,500 THB/day (excluding gas, tolls, and parking)

  • Includes airport/hotel pickup and drop-off

  • 10 hours/day usage, 250 THB/hour for extra hours

   2. Taxi:

  • From Bangkok/Watermill: 2,500-2,800 THB (including gas)

  • Can seat up to 5 people

  • Available for single trips or entire trip with sightseeing

   3. Public Van or Bus:

  • From Mor Chit Bus Terminal to Pak Chong

  • Cost: 160-190 THB per person one way

  • Hire a Song-Thaew from Pak Chong to Watermill (200-300 THB/trip)

   4. Train:

  • To "Pak Chong" station

  • Hire a Song-Thaew to Watermill (200-300 THB/trip)

On Arrival (by options 1, 4, or 5):

On-Site Amenities:

  • Small Restaurant

  • Bagel & Café

To Nearest Restaurant and Convenience Store:


  1. Walking

  2. Free Bikes

  3. Shuttle Service: Nominal fee

Additional Transportation Options to other location:

   1. Private Van Rental:

  • 3,000 THB/day (including gas, local trips)

  • 3,500 THB/day (including gas, trips to Khao Yai National Park, excluding park fees)

   2. Car Rental: Check for price and availability in advance.

   3. Motorbike Rental: 350-500 THB per day.

   4. Private Song-Thaew:

  • Price varies by itinerary

  • Limited English, translation assistance available

   5. To/From Pak Chong Stations:

Song-Thaew charge: 200-300 THB/trip


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